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Telephone Glass Dildo
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Me up to no good, on my phone hotline, having a dial- a-fuck with Vince, a blast from my past. When I was a young lady, Vince, was Daddy’s Game Keeper and handyman. He was a huge man - in every way. Daddy liked him to patrol the Estate and keep poachers out. He always helped Mummy with odd jobs as well. Sometimes he would eat with us in the evening when Daddy was away and she would let him sleep in the spare room next to hers. She said she always slept better knowing he was there. For those of you who have read my blog, you will know the rest! Anyhow, I hadn’t heard from him in ages and just the sound of his voice took me back years. My pussy began to throb and drip as soon as he spoke. He is such an horny old bastard and soon had me peeling off my clothes and watching myself fuck my glass dildo in front of the mirror. Fuck me he has some cock on him ............... I was coming in no time............
Rated: 5.00
Name: Telephone Glass Dildo
Content: 10 min. 30 sec.
Tags: B, Dildo, Nylons, Videos
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