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Rabbir Reviews 2016 Rise Award Fan Favourite

Review site MissHybrid rating Review quote

Porn Tips
89.1/100 No matter where you lay your head down, you always want the finer things in life. In today's porn world that is dominated by the online marketplace, genres such as MILF, Euro and Big Tits seem to be on the rise. MissHybrid is a site that is as versatile as it is original in its presentation of the sites main star. Here Miss Hybrid is actively engaged with her fans creating a give and take type of atmosphere that only helps to improve the delivery of the highest quality kinky porn and it's exactly as her fans would want it...

Nude Reviews
89.0/100 I'm the type of guy who likes a little class with my kink, and is definitely up my alley. This sexy English dame knows how to make all the boys beg for more and any fan of a tough chick with a bod for sin will be more than glad they dropped by to check in. Heels, hose, glasses, crops, bondage, domination, and high class are what makes this site worthwhile, and Miss Hybrid knows how to put on a good show that will have you jizzing your man juice all over the keyboard. The way she works her body and the seductive English accent all add up to the raw sexuality of this site...

...Miss Hybrid and her girls have a slutty sensuality that make you want to obey and will keep you entertained scene after scene. If you like high quality sex with beautiful girls, then this is the place to be.

9.3/10 There's porn sites, and then there's Miss This is one of the most unique, unusual (in a good way!), different, personal, and, by far, the most intriguing websites I have ever seen. The site stars a very kinky tart named Miss Hybrid who is a true hybrid of an elegant English lady and a dirty slut. You're going to have to see this one to get the real picture. Its hardcore action with plenty of kink and it's damn good too. There's a good amount of content to enjoy and shes very interactive with her fans. Give this site a go if you could use a little excitement or discipline.

XXX Pawnage
9.9/10 When you join Miss Hybrid, you're entering HER very special world of XXX - whether it's the English Lady, The Country Girl or the Kinky Bitch. The strong point about this site, apart from the highly developed niche material and concept that you don't see elsewhere, is the knowledge that you're not just watching some mass produced generic porno but a full experience produced by a freaky lady who lives the lifestyle. The above-noted improvements prove that she wants only the very best for those who join her site. If that's what you appreciate, Miss Hybrid will 'cum' through for you!

Rabbits Reviews
87/100 From her delicate feet to her curvy hips framing her pierced pussy, she's a knockout. From her slender waist up past her big breasts, we finally reach her lovely ..albeit often pouty.. face. She's every inch the beauty and yet the star of MissHybrid is often naughtier than she is sweet. What else would you expect from a woman who was named Best European Babe in The Miss Free Ones 2011and 2012 competition. And she has once again come out on top and been named Miss FreeOnes in this year's competition. (Yup, that's first place!) As a die-hard fan, I'm not the least bit surprised. You can check out 280+ videos with HD playback to see what I mean.

Fetish Porn Review
10/10 The first thing to say about Miss Hybrid is that she's gorgeous. Not in a 'babe' way, but in a charismatic way. She has a look and a style that is distinctive and unique, and like every 'looker', she knows how to work the camera for full effect. She is also relentlessly creative, and one of the reasons I'm reviewing her site is because I like to promote people who bring imagination to the table. Miss Hybrid does this and so much more.

Porn Reviews
72/100 I really like Miss Hybrid. Generally I prefer sites that stick to one theme, but Miss Hybrid showed me that you can have a wide range of fetishes and kinks and still present a quality members' area. Chalk it up to her straight forward attitude or her outright sexiness, but you aren't left scratching your head when she steps out of a so-called role. She explores her vast sexuality in good quality photos and videos, as well as a regularly updated blog. If you crave variety in your porn, then Miss Hybrid may be just the cure for you!

Porn Adept
82/100 One thing that really stands out about the content is the variety. I was actually surprised to find such a wide range of fetishes and even hardcore. There is a little of everything here, although Miss Hybrid does have specific fetishes she enjoys indulging on more than one occasion. However, expect to find a touch of smoking, a bit of peeing, lots of sexy lingerie and Equestrian wear.

Porn Inspector
4.3/5 Oh for the lust of Miss Hybrid! This woman has absolutely everything going for her and she's displaying it throughout the content of her personal site. They portrayed, introduced and exhibited this beautiful brunette perfectly through tour, she does have so many different sexual personalities living within her, and the footage will show how they all can make a grown person drop to their knees with desire for her. Quality was high for this softcore, hardcore and fetish filled personal site, very well done from beginning to end!

Lady.Eve.xxxx says:

Score: 100% Date: 09/13/2016

Miss Hybrid's website is a top-level quality of outstanding adult entertainment. It's so easy to find what you're up to with the search advanced module that send you to a page with multiple choices of themes, topics. Have you ever encountered the problem where you went through a site, found something that aroused you so much and when comes the times to come back and trying to find a that particular vids or photosets and takes hours of clicking with no results? On this site, no waste of time. With that feature, bang! You're at it in less than a second. In porn site, you want a fast link that brings to the themes you like without no hassle. Here it works. Needless to say the vast and awesome quality of pics and videos, the always accurate choice of wardrobe, heels, boots, leather, name it, It's all here. The toys and objects that this hot Lady uses for our own excitement. The different avenue, interior and exterior beautiful and glamour sites. Delightful! I wish that sometimes, she could go out in public park do some pee session or masturbation in restaurant for example. And above all, that beautiful voice and nice to hear English accent from that Lady, OMG, it is the ice on the cake. In resume, that site contains and offers a lot of themes, subjects for the hardcore amateur to keep him/her busy for at least a whole year of pleasure. ..and I have to say that this website is one of the most efficient, well-done and intuitive to work with that I ever see in this business. Really good stuff.



Onexxxx says:

Score: 100% Date: 02/17/2016

Excellent site. Just re joined and have to say one regrets leaving. Miss Hybrids content goes from strength to strength and most of all she interacts with here fans. Full marks. Easy to view and download content. A must for any discerning fan of a sexy Lady.

Long my she continue.

Kinkyxxxx says:

Score: 100% Date: 10/23/2015

I've been a member of this site on a few occasions, Miss Hybrids beauty is second to none a true Goddess she looks Amazing and the things she gets up to well she's one of the kinkiest. I have a leather boot fetish and this site definitely has a lot of boot, leather, pvc, bondage, heels action for your kinky needs.

Love her and I love the site.

Newmanxxxx says:

Score: 100% Date: 09/27/2015

A most brilliant site! Regular updates Miss Hybrid never fails to please and is open to trying anything. The good lady also sends out personal messages. That I like as I feel she really cares about her fans. If you haven't joined you should!!

Dxxxx says:

Score: 100% Date: 03/17/2015

If you are into femdom, there are only 6 sites that you need concern yourself with. I have previously written about 5 of them, Femdom Empire, Mistress T, Divine Bitches, MeanBitches, and The English Mansion.
I have subscribed to them all, and now I can confidently add Miss Hybrid to that top list.
Miss Hybrid is fucking hot, and arguably has the best set of tits of any of the doms in the game. The downloadable zips on her site have some of the highest resolution of any of the femdom sites, easily beating out the res of Femdom Empire, Mistress T, Mean Bitches and The English Mansion, which have disappointing pictures res & quantity, and equal to or better than the res of Divine Bitches, which has the top production quality of all the femdom sites for both pics and video.
Honestly, the pics alone, make Miss Hybrid worth subscribing to.

The videos are available in 1080 HD, although they are still not quite up to the level of HD of Divine Bitches videos.
The reason I am giving Miss Hybrid a perfect score, rather than a score somewhere in the high 90's, is because of the customer service, which is bar none the best in the game.
I initially had some trouble DL'ing videos, and when they did DL sometimes they didn't have sound. In the end this turned out to be WMV player compatibility issue (which they are aggressively addressing). When I contacted customer support, they responded in minutes, and it was obvious that they cared about solving my problem. The emails were signed "kisses, miss hybrid", which I figured was really an IT guy, but in the end, I found was actually Miss Hybrid. Not only did she solve my problem with poise and grace, I ended up submitting a fantasy directly to her, which she actually read ...and responded to.
Brava Miss Hybrid!

ps. please add some more face sitting & pussy/ass worship both with a male sub and POV
Hxxxx says:
Its been some time now since I last reviewed the site and there have been plenty of changes to - some planned and some enforced by new UK Laws!
First, to the enforced changes. The landing page has changed its design, which now has a new clean fresh look with plenty of teaser pictures of what may be awaiting those that join up to Unfortunately due to the new laws these teaser pics have to be censored so that any harder content can only be viewed once you are past the age verification page. Rest assured that once inside, the full HC versions of pictures and videos remain uncensored!
Once inside the members area of the site, all remains as was before the change of law, with a huge selection of videos and pictures to suit all sorts of themes - solo masturbation, anal play, sybian riding, domination, blow jobs, hand jobs, tit wanking and a small amount of fucking.
Miss Hybrid generally updates once or twice a week, sometime more depending on her schedule and what she has been shooting.
Recently Miss Hybrid has been voted Miss FreeOnes 2014 and has been on the road drumming up support and she has shared many behind the scenes candid photos from the various after parties she has attended - its great to see all sides of Miss Hybrid.
One of the finest parts to Miss Hybrid is her interaction with fans on the site, where she actively encourages all to leave messages against her various updates so that she can see what turns her membership on and is then able to provide more of what people want.
As a long term member, Miss Hybrid continues to keep my member hard and ready for more.
Come and join and share the filth of Miss Hybrid.
Lucianxxxx says:
Score: 96/100
Having stumbled my way for many years through the land of mainstream porn sites some good, some bad, butt mostly all containing very similar content with only minor interaction if any at all, i have been blown away by the enjoyment i receive being now a very privileged member of Miss Hybrid's site. Some may find it is not for them butt if like me you get off on a classy lady with a body for sin and pleasure doing whatever she pleases and knowing that she is damn good at it then you will blow load after load viewing her video and photo set updates. Recent additions to the site allow much more interaction with the Lady of the Manor which for me have made an already enjoyable experience much much better. I opted for the 180day membership and will continue to renew time after time until i go blind!
There are way too many things for me to rave about just one but if pushed hard, i wood have to say it is the personal interaction that My Lady gives that keep me hungry and cumming back for more.
On the downside, well personally i cant complain about anything, though i am sure some will, butt as in keeping up with her personal interaction her forum offers members the ability for them to make suggestions/comments that are taken onboard if it all goes to make membership more rewarding/enjoyable.
So in my summing up i have only praise and my humble cumments to give this site, and as it is Miss Hybrids lifestyle then i am sure it will outlive many of the more mainstream, here today gone tomorrow, pornstar sites.
Love this site!
CaptKxxxx says:
Having just joined the site I can honestly say I don't think I will ever leave! Miss Hybrid is a kinksterst dream come true, sexy, stylish, horny and imaginative! I love this site!!
Pasty Kxxxx says:
Having just renewed my membership I would like to say thank you Miss Hybrid for running such a great site, i've only ever joined yours and one other, and will definitely be staying with you. High quality pics and videos and now live web cam to go with the chat feature. A brilliant site and i highly recommend it, anyone thinking of joining, just do it, love this site, love Miss Hybrid.
cumonyxxxx says:
I am a quite new member to the site, though I discovered Miss Hybrid over a year ago. It is without doubt the most original, kinky and as has already been said innovative site I have ever subscribed too.
lady minsxxxx says:
As the only lady member of this site, I must say I find Miss H an inspiration! Yes, she turns me on, yes, I find her sexy and yes, I love watching the films, live cam shows and looking at the pics and diaries. As a fellow kink-a-holic I find the site both welcoming and exciting. Long may she continue! And, if you are wondering, I am straight(ish)!
Mistexxxx says:
I have been a member of this site for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better and better. Each new set is innovative, broaching new ideas and new ways of tittilating her members. From leather and latex fetish wear to lipstick and lace lingerie, the lady pleases every time. Felix (her PA) gives us extra hidden, behind the scenes and candid camera views as well as stories of his exploits.
hajxxxx says:
I kind of stumbled across Miss H a few months ago when I came across some of her free stuff. The selection of teaser pics were enough to entice me to join and I must say that I have not been disappointed 'not one little bit! Miss H offers a wide variety of content ' videos, pictures, personnel diaries, live chats and a very welcoming and fully interactive forum with regular, daily input from the delightful Miss H herself. The pictures are fully downloadable in ZIP files. The content is from the very top drawer (amongst her special crotchless panties), ranging from wonderful blow jobs, fantastic self pleasure (particularly with her sybian), some fetish themes' all of them showcasing the beautiful, sensual and erotic talents of Miss H. Any new members will be warmly welcomed by the Mistress herself (though not in person unfortunately!). Come in and join the fun.

Well, I´m online since more but 20 years, I know a lot of decent + very professional-made sites. All of them are good, very good. Her´s is the BEST !

Hi, ich bin seit über 20 Jahren online, kenne etliche gute und
professionell gemachte Seiten, diese hier ist die BESTE. Warum ? Einfach
zu erklären :
Die *Aufmachung* : Es macht schon alleine Laune, die liebevoll
gestaltete Start-page zu öffnen.
Der Inhalt : Ausschliesslich HOCHKLASSIGE PICS + Video´s , davon
reichlich und kontinuierlich wachsend.
Das dazugehörige Forum : Bestens lesbar, quasi selbst erklärend, eine
Wohltat fürs Auge in Farbe und Zusammenstellung. Und keinerlei
Problem,über das Forum mit Miss H in Kontakt zu treten.
Miss H selbst : Eine Schönheit mit eigener Klasse, sie hat nicht
umsonst den Titel* Eurobabe 2011 * bei Freeones gewonnen. ( Europa´s
grösste Erotik-Seite ) .

Als kleines *Üpdate* sollte ich vielleicht hinzu-fügen : 2012 war sie wieder erfolgreich und hat den Euro-babe-Titel verteidigt und beim gleichen Contest auch noch *best OCSM* , ( bestes, offiziell gechecktes Star - member * ) gewonnen. Will heissen : Sie ist inzwischen EURO-Babe 2011, 2012 und best OCSM 2012. Eine charmante Wiederholungs-täterin.

Damxxxx says:
This is great site for people with or without fetishes. Believe me, it won't take long before you realise your fetishes. Miss Hybrid simply mesmerises you. A site with something for everyone. It won't be long before you are hooked!!! Love the level of interaction from Miss H on her forum and in the live chats. The site looks incredibly professional. A truly wonderful website. xxx
* - for safety reason usernames partially masked by "xxxx"


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