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Tanya Andy Hybrid Dungeon. Ruined Orgasm Part 1
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There is nothing quite like two bitches battling it out over the well hung handyman, especially if you are me and have the upper hand. I am not interested in having him but rather what I can do to him to amuse myself. I am after revenge on them both, pure and simple, for reining me in like a pony when I first arrived at the Estate. Wearing an eye popping pvc leotard and thigh boots I easily upstage the Maid and have the handyman melting like butter in my hands. So shackling him to the beam and whipping his pants down was like taking candy from a baby. Whilst she was caged all she could do was moan in frustration as she rubbed her wanton little pussy as I worked his huge cock hard....
Rated: 4.80
Name: Tanya Andy Hybrid Dungeon. Ruined Orgasm Part 1
Content: 15 min. 52 sec.
Tags: Domination, Dungeon, Videos
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