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Sylvester Hybrid Interview
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The silly old fucker, Lord B, had arranged an interview for our new security guard. I got to interview him first. I needed to make sure he measured up. His new job would be on night shift. I thought he would come in very hand for some of my girlfriends, if they had gone out for a fuck but failed to pull. I gave him a quick inspection and then wanked him into my leather gloves. He was very taken with my huge tits. I dont think he could believe his luck. He thought I was going to suck him off but I will leave that to the girls. It didn't take long for him to be pumping spurt after spurt onto my gloves. He got the job.......... .
Rated: 4.99
Name: Sylvester Hybrid Interview
Content: 6 min. 54 sec.
Tags: Archive Grown, Domination, FemDom, Glasses, Handjob, Videos
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