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Sybian Pink
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This Video was actually over an hour long. One of my straight girlfriends filmed it. She had asked a few times before, if she could. The camera was mounted on a tripod as she had never used one before. The table is a 15th centuary castle refectory table. There are sword and axe marks all over it. All I think about though, is how many wenches have been bent over and gang banged on it, I know I have. I was telling my girlfriend about my fantasy of wenches being fucked over it. She was looking at me and started looking very hot and bothered. I was so turned on watching the effect I was having on her. When she saw me being fucked in the arse by the machine she began to rub herself. Ten minutes later and her soaking knickers were on the floor and she was wanking on the sofa infront of me. I have never seen a pussy so wet. We had so many orgasms. She had to help me to bed after I had finished. We spent the rest of the night licking each others pussies. Not bad considering she has always insisted she is only into men? What fun I will be having with her!
Rated: 5.00
Name: Sybian Pink
Content: 78 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: A, Nylons, Photos, Sybian
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