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Sticky pages and a news splash
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Lord B is away on business and had just had his newspaper delivered. I was in a mischievous mood so I answered the door to the paperboy, in just a fur coat and thigh boots, with not much else on underneath. Feeling frisky, I went back to bed, armed with Lord B\'s broadsheet and decided to have a news splash of my own. My glass dildo really hits the spot but not content with having come once, I fancied some more varied orgasmic pleasure. I settled for a touch of leisurely anal play and climaxed with a powerful blended orgasm by rubbing my clit and fingering my g-spot until my pussy was leaking. I lay back and admired the wet mess I had created and enjoyed folding the newspaper back up and leaving the pages stuck together.
Rated: 4.98
Name: Sticky pages and a news splash
Content: 287 Images (2600 px long side)
Tags: Boots, Fur, Gloves, Leather, Photos
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