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Stable Crop
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Being Lady of the house, with Lord B frequently away I take great pleasure in personally interviewing all the stable girls. It’s one of my favourite past times. I’ve seen hundreds. As soon as they arrive I give them the once over. Their jodhpurs must be skin tight and the girls must have good shaped arses on them. Today I meet Paige and I really put her through her paces. Riding requires great skill, but her CV is irrelevant. I am not interested seeing the stable girls on horseback, they have to pass my strap-on exam. Paige is bent over and given a good going over. I have to make sure that she is obedient and her knickers come off when I give the order. You see the requirement of the job is primarily to please me. I need them to be able to fuck on command for my amusement. That way I can keep all the staff at the house satisfied. What she does not know is that I have absolutely no authority to employ her. The naughty little filly had a butt plug up her ass but was acting so demure, while riding out. When we got back I got her tied up and sat her on a vibrator. In the video I fuck her arse with a riding crop and spank her buttocks until they glow, while she makes herself come with the vibrator up her very wet, horny pussy.....
Rated: 4.60
Name: Stable Crop
Content: 156 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Archive Grown, FemDom, Jodhpurs, Lesbian, Photos, Stables
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