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Simone Cake 2
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The Jolly Cook is sulking with a pouty mouth after getting a good telling off from Miss Hybrid. The handyman, who was prowling for his weekly treat from generous cook, appeared and saved the day. The sight of his huge cock soon had her smiling again. Her hungry lips gobbled it down, sucking him off furiously. After mouth milking the handyman for all he's got, she gets her own back on the stuck up bitch. She adds her own homemade cream to the cake. The handyman not fussy where he stuck his cock agreed. Miss Hybrid despite her annoyance was watching outside the kitchen window, hands in pantyhose furiously rubbing her ever-swelling clit..................
Rated: 4.25
Name: Simone Cake 2
Content: 15 min. 20 sec.
Tags: Archive Grown, Domination, FemDom, Videos
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