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Silver Dress And Pussy Chain
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I used to sail Daddy's yacht all over the place. I discovered the joys of chaining years ago. One year, just after I had been sent home from my Swiss finishing school, in disgrace, Daddy said I could take the yacht into the boat yard in Southampton for repairs. I sailed her up to the yard and stayed with her, as instructed by Daddy, while the repairs to her keel were carried out. Everyone in the yard fucked me. I would arrive each morning in a little miniskirt, thighboots tight T-shirt and climb the steps to get on board. One by one the various workers would climb up and end up fucking me, while their colleagues worked on the keel listening to the grunts and squeals. The one weeks job lasted two weeks. (Daddy was not happy). Little did he know he had paid double so that the whole staff of the yard could spunk up me. Anyway, one of the older men on the yard introduced me to the joys of chaining. Basically you push as much chain as you can up your pussy and keep it there, while you go about your day. I works wonders for your muscle control and even more for your orgasms. He worked on it for days trying to get more and more links up me. When I was full, he would then slowly put his hard cock up me and fuck me till he came. He would then leave and invite the next worker up to my cabin. I would leave the chain in until I got back to my hotel. Then I would lay on the bed and rub my clit. At the moment of orgasm I would yank it out and squirt all over the bed. Now I wear a chain whenever I go out. Just thought you would like to know that xxx...
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Name: Silver Dress And Pussy Chain
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