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Shower Splash
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You have seen the photographs that my member took, now let's see if he can hold the video camera still. He certainly liked to get in close. From the look of his trousers my member's member was enjoying the close and intimate view too. I did a slow striptease before ramming the double-ender in and bringing myself to a huge orgasm in the shower. I made sure he was right in there with me, to get you the best close up film of me making myself come. I simply adore making these videos, thinking of the hard cocks I am creating. I hope you will let me know if you enjoyed wanking to this, full details expected! You can send me a private message, if you do not want to say anything in public. I reply to all my messages. Kisses, Miss Horny Hybrid
Rated: 4.83
Name: Shower Splash
Content: 15 min. 14 sec.
Tags: Nylons, Stiletto, Stockings, Videos, Watersports, Wet
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