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Orgasm Denial
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The Maid still caged with her knickers pulled to one side revealed her wet pussy. She tugged her lips apart and moved her hips right to the edge of the bars. With my instruction she was poised ready for entry. The Handyman’s huge tool was tantalizingly close, but just out of reach. My lips were next to his almighty cock and fingers wrapped firmly around it’s impressive girth. Oh how she begged and pleaded. In the end I gave her the spunky pussy she desired. But it was not to her satisfaction. Just as I worked him into a frenzy, ready to impale her tight little hole, I took him over the edge. As he started to spurt, I let go of my grip and ruined his orgasm. His cock flopped down spent, after random droplets of spunk had spurted over her open hole. A job well done....
Rated: 4.98
Name: Orgasm Denial
Content: 12 min. 51 sec.
Tags: B, Blowjob, Boots, Dungeon, FemDom, Videos
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