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Old Villa Pre Creampie
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The very observant amongst you may recognise the location and my clothing as being the same as one where I was creampied. Felix was ill in bed, suffering from a shocking hangover. Luckily I had met a lovely man in the bar the previous night, who was a keen amateur photographer. I saw him at breakfast and asked if he would mind taking glamour photos of me. He jumped at the chance and in no time we were on our way to my favourite location. He was very enthusiastic and I could see he was getting excited at the thought of photographing and filming me. He was impressed with my nipples and kept asking me to tweak and rub them. I was being a real tease with him and was getting really wet, seeing the effect I was having on him. I decided to show a little more and asked him to adjust my bikini bottoms, so they were perfectly centred. His hands were shaking as he pulled the bottoms away from my arse and manoeuvred them into the right position. He asked if it was ok to smooth them out. I nodded and felt his fingers stroking the underside of my bikini covered pussy. I told him to carry on taking photos. He was looking very uncomfortable! I asked if he minded if I make the shoot a little more hardcore, he shook his head. I lowered my bikini bottoms, I was soaking. I bent down with my arse facing him, hands touching the wall. I spread my legs, expecting to hear the shutter but instead, I heard his feet shuffle and the tip of his rock hard cock rubbing on my pussy. I pushed back and his cock slid in easily. With new found confidence he told me the photographs would look a lot better if i had my wet cunt opened up. I just wanted fucking. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and then pushed it into my welcoming arse. He only made one stroke, then pulled out and went back to the camera. "There that looks a lot better" he said and continued the photo session. I rammed 4 fingers in my hole and brought myself to a shuddering climax. I hope you like the look of my now opened up arse and pussy. Once I had recovered, I changed into some stockings and skirt ready to go for a spot lunch. I wanted fucking but the photographer told me I would have to wait. It was at this point I realised it was not just the two of us. Stood some distance away was the silhouette of a man in the doorway, openly wanking his cock.
My photographer looked at the man wanking and then at me. The photographer broke the ice. "Look at the dirty slut stroking her well used pussy" he said. I looked down and sure enough I was rubbing it. That was a bit of a giveaway "I have had my cock up both her holes and I have only just met her", he continued. "Would like to fuck her? "
The man in the doorway nodded. The photographer told me to bend over. I wouldn't normally follow any instructions but I was so desperate to get fucked, that I willingly obliged. I hope you like the .stiff clip in the members area blog. It shows loads of cum leaking out after he delivered a huge creampie. Miss Frigging Herself Writing This. I hope your horny comments will get me off again later.
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Name: Old Villa Pre Creampie
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