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Miss Hybrid DP'd
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Miss Hybrid makes full use of the thick double ender before turning the shower hose, head removed, to far better use. Miss Hybrid had a fantastic time repeatedly filling herself with the hot jet and then squirting out the water. I wanted to fill her with a hot jet too but unfortunately she has met a very fit young man today, whilst out shopping and invited him back later. She told me in explicit detail what she will be doing with the mans big cock. My cock was as hard as rock, as she explained that she had already sucked him off in the car park. Evidently he is unusually well endowed, hence the cunt and arse stretching, shower exercise. Mistress says I can listen in the room next to hers, as they fuck, if I behave. She added that if can resist wanking, I may get to lick the spunk out of her arse, when her new man has been emptied. Wish me luck, Felix.
Rated: 4.67
Name: Miss Hybrid DP'd
Content: 12 min. 48 sec.
Tags: Anal, Dildo, Shower, Squirting, Stiletto, Stockings, Videos, Wet
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