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Miss Hybrid Chaining
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I used to ride regularly with the pony club. We always had lots of fun in the stables, after a hot steamy ride. One of the girls introduced me to the joys of chaining. With the help of a friend or two, you slowly insert link after link of stainless steel chain, until you can't get any more in. Immediately, pull up ones jodhpurs, help the other girls with their chain and then mount your steed. It gives a whole new aspect to horse riding. Once back at the stables, we would rush to get into the straw filled barn, to see who had the wettest pussy. I usually won that contest, as my jodhpurs would be soaked through...I will leave the rest to your imagination. Miss Hybrid
Rated: 4.93
Name: Miss Hybrid Chaining
Content: 15 min. 4 sec.
Tags: Chaining, Nipples, Pantyhose, Ripped Gusset, Stables, Videos
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