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Latex Pond Boots
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If you remember back to the depths of winter. I was stood in this exact spot, doing a thank you video to everyone who was voting for me to succeed in become Miss EuroBabe 2011. I was also sporting a little fur for extra warmth under my latex cat suite. Now it is summer though and I can manage without the fur. I have also taken out my jewellery for these photos. I wear this lovely little translucent skirt to go out in as it passable in public. It does get quite a few glances when worn with thigh boots. To see the winter scene, search 'boots' it is on the second page and is 'called thank you in the snow'
Rated: 4.98
Name: Latex Pond Boots
Content: 205 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Boots, Corset, Latex, Outdoor, Photos, Rubber Latex
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