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Jodhpur Damp Patch Video
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Here is the video to the previously added photographs. I was feeling very horny and had just come in from my stables. I remembered back to some dirty goings on in the stables. I had returned from a long hard ride. As I swung my leg over the saddle to dismount, the two stable hands saw the damp patch that had soaked through my jodhpurs. They were making all sorts of crude comments about me coming as I rode and rubbing myself off on the saddle. I could see the shape of their cocks down their trouser legs. I told them they were correct and that I had come time and time again. Their cocks thickened as I spoke. I suggested that maybe they should spank me for coming in my jodhpurs. Maybe they should tie me up and then they could do what they wanted. They certainly did! Anyway in my bedroom I got Felix to tie me up, so I could relive the events of years ago. You will see the state of my jodhpurs! I had a ball as you can probably tell. As with all my videos, it is in full HD 1280 x 720 which is four times the size of the trailer and three times the Bit-rate. Kisses, Miss Hybrid.
Rated: 4.42
Name: Jodhpur Damp Patch Video
Content: 34 min. 50 sec.
Tags: Anal, Boots, Crop, Squirting, Videos
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