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Interviewed with leather gloves and heels wank
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I get my driver to take Lord B out on a wild goose chase. I know I have my new recruit to myself. He is very enamored with my big tits and long hard nipples. He doesn't take much encouraging to be sucking on them. It's not long before I am wanking his very hard cock, with my beautiful, long, fur trimmed, leather gloves. I tease his cock with my 6 inch metal stiletto heels. He couldn't wait to get his cock between my big tits and spunk all over them....I made sure not to get any on the fur. It doesn't look very ladylike, when your fur is matted with spunk....
Rated: 4.94
Name: Interviewed with leather gloves and heels wank
Content: 9 min. 54 sec.
Tags: Archive Grown, Footwank, Handjob, High Heels, Nylons, Videos
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