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I don't think they taught you to do it like this at massage college?
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My handyman has been trying to get into me since I first employed him. His latest rouse was to give me a massage and inadvertently get a hard on. I know his CV says he had done a massage course and qualified but I think it was a load of shite. Anyway, he started massaging me. I must have had a lot of tension in my tits and nipples as he headed straight there. Funny that as I wasn't aware of any problem. There was soon a lot of tension in my nipples ( they always give me away) but nowhere near as much as in the material of his shorts. He was taking absolute liberties now and had his fingers up my pussy and his cock between my big tits. He was desperate to give me a good coating in cream.
Rated: 4.79
Name: I don't think they taught you to do it like this at massage college?
Content: 11 min. 45 sec.
Tags: Massage, The Handyman, Videos
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