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I Don't Like The Size Of Your Bill Or Your Cock!
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This little grub of a plumber came down to repair a leaking ball cock. It took him less than ten minutes to fix it. He then presented me with an outrageous bill. I offered him a deal, which he accepted, he later regretted it. I don't like plumbers in the first place but this little boy made my skin crawl. I lead him around on a dog leash. I dressed his puny body in ladies underwear and stockings. He was groaning and desperate to cum but as his pathetic cock started to spurt, I gave it a good squeeze and left it pumping into thin air...wanker.
Rated: 4.45
Name: I Don't Like The Size Of Your Bill Or Your Cock!
Content: 14 min. 57 sec.
Tags: FemDom, Handjob, Stockings, Videos
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