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Hybrid Versus Sybian, Who Wins?
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I made this video while feeling incredibly horny. By the time I got the Sybian out, set up the camera I was soaking. I knew what was to come and eagerly climbed onto it. I kept turning up the vibration and rotation until I came over and over again. Then I shoved the Sybian cock up my arse and carried on until I could take no more and collapsed onto the table. If you like to see what a kinky Lady does to make herself come, you will love this. I hope you will leave me a message and tell me if you enjoyed watching me have multiple, almost continuos orgasms. If there were a Nobel prize for fucking oneself until unconscious, I would have one!
Rated: 4.65
Name: Hybrid Versus Sybian, Who Wins?
Content: 28 min. 59 sec.
Tags: Anal, Stiletto, Stockings, Sybian, Videos
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