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Handyman Spying On Me In My Porsche As I Flash My Pussy
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Arriving back from a lovely lunch with some of the girls, I noticed that my very idle but big cocked handyman was watching me get out of my car. It's suspension is low, my dress high and there is now way you can get out of the fucker without showing the world your pussy. Earlier, when I parked right outside the restaurant, I got every diners attention when I made a great show of clambering out. Legs open pussy out. Let's put it this way I got a lot of smiles and stares when I got to the bar and sat on a high stool....within a few minutes I was sat on a nice thick tool. This one belonged to the manager. I didn't get a bill for the dinner. Anyway, to cut a long story short, when I got home and caught my handyman spying on me, I wanked the lazy fucker off, and let him cum on my lovely white boots.....
Rated: 4.95
Name: Handyman Spying On Me In My Porsche As I Flash My Pussy
Content: 13 min. 52 sec.
Tags: Boots, Handjob, The Handyman, Videos
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