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Gym Sybian Sexercise
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I bet the inventors of the Sybian never realised it would have a place in a fitness program. Set the fucking machine up to the right height, on a few weights and you have for the first time ever, pleasurable squats. The video was 90 minutes long. It would have been longer but that is the maximum recording time on my memory cards. I need to chop about 80 minutes out. I mean, who would want to watch 90 minutes of almost continuous orgasms? I carried on long after the video had stopped and had to be forcibly removed from the fucking machine, by Felix, to prevent further injury. Felix has confiscated the Sybian and locked it in his shed. He had to throw out a couple of broken bikes to make room. I am almost able to walk again.
Rated: 4.71
Name: Gym Sybian Sexercise
Content: 15 min. 16 sec.
Tags: Fucking Machine, Gym, Solo, Sybian, Videos
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