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Getting Ready For Anal Sex Showering In Latex
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Warning - this is not a romantic girlie shower scene, this is intimate, personal footage of me getting ready in true Hybrid style for some anal fucking. Yes, I love it! I wear tight black latex gloves and dress over my curvy body. I love the feeling of being encased and enjoy the noise of rubber stretching. Jetting the shower over my outfit feels sensational as the water droplets run across my tits and down my legs. The head screws off my power shower and I gently pulse warm water into my gaping hole. Bending over with my arse in the air, in a fuck me now from behind position, I squirt the water back out and it is such fun, waterspouts from my rear! I manage to fit three fingers of my latex gloved hand inside me, ready to be stretched by something bigger. Any volunteers?
Rated: 4.98
Name: Getting Ready For Anal Sex Showering In Latex
Content: 97 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Gape, Latex, Photos, Rubber Latex, Wet
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