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Gabrielle Bound On The Sybian
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Gabriella, my maid, has been distracted lately, so I summoned her to the stables for a staff meeting. At first glance she appeared well dressed in stockings, pencil skirt and high heels. My women's intuition told me that all was not as it seemed. After some probing questions and an intimate inspection, I found that underneath her prim and proper outfit she was wearing very revealing crotchless, lace panties. Her swollen pussy lips bulged out. She confessed that she loves cock and hadn't been getting any lately. Gabriella was apparently desperate for some satisfaction. I also grilled her as to why she wore her serving head band around her neck and she admitted that she had submissive tendencies. I smiled wickedly to myself at this news. Keen to help relieve her frustration, I told her to spread her legs whilst she stood over my fucking machine. She did not need any encouragement to mount the latex cock. I pushed her shoulders down making sure her clit was ground onto the fucking machine plate. She came very quickly with an almighty orgasm.
Rated: 4.98
Name: Gabrielle Bound On The Sybian
Content: 97 Images (2600 px long side)
Tags: Gloves, Nylons, Photos, Stables, Stockings, Sybian
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