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Fucked By The Gardener
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I was staying at some friends house recently for a short break. They had both gone out and I was left alone, except for The gardener. I had seen Ken the gardener for years, working hard whenever I visited and had noticed he always padlocked the door to his shed. I had been intrigued for years as to why he should do this. Anyway, I saw Ken working in the vegetable garden and looked across to the shed, the door was slightly ajar. Now was my chance. I sneaked over without being spotted and went in to have a look about. I quickly stumbled across some hardcore porn in an old school desk. I sat at the desk and thumbed through the pages. There were some very big cocks up some tight little arses. My great love is porn and it always has a quick effect on my pussy. My knickers were soaking, as you will see! I need to stroke my aching pussy. No sooner were my knickers down and the door was burst open by a rather angry looking Ken. He stood staring at the book in my hands, my knickers around my knees and my fingers up my pussy. He quickly recovered though, mumbled something about telling my posh friends that he caught me sneaking about, reading porn, wearing soaking knickers and wanking, or he was going to fuck me. I wasn\'t too bothered about him telling them about the porn, knickers and wanking but I wasn\'t sure about the sneaking in their property bit. So I bent over the desk, held my arse cheeks apart and said \'fair enough, arse or puss?\' Before I could finish his cock was already up my pussy. One stroke up my soaking pussy was obviously considered enough foreplay. He pulled straight out, aimed an inch higher and rammed it up my arse. He made a few hard thrusts telling me what a dirty whore I was and that he had wanted to fuck me for years, then slowed down, grunted and started to squirt up me. I was very disappointed as I really needed a lot more than that. I lay over the desk wanking as the come leaked out of my gaping arse. \'Do you want to give me a hand\' I asked. His trousers were already fastened back up by now. He rummaged in the desk and threw me an old vibrator. \'Here use this\' he said as he put the kettle on to make his drink. Now I know photos of me with a cock in are not that popular on here, so I have cut out the middle section. I could possible be persuaded though.
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Name: Fucked By The Gardener
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