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Email From Careless Felix
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I was working in my office yesterday and noticed that felix had not logged off from his emails. Obviously I would not usually snoop about and read private correspondence but I felt an irresistible need to take a quick glance. I immediately noticed the title of the email, namely "Felix In Charge". I couldn't help myself from copying to my iPad for further reading. I knew it would be a spicy read, so I prepared to enjoy myself. I found my favourite piece of chain. It is the longest length I can manage. For the technical among you, I will provide the specification. It has 25 links of 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch, 316 Stainless Steel , giving an overall length of approximately 2 feet and a weight of 1lb. I lay on my back, pulled my legs back over my head and dangled the first link above my open hole. It slid in, link by link, until all 25 links were inside of me and I was full. I laid back and started to read the email…. Please look at the photos and the coming 25 minute video, to see what happened next!
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Name: Email From Careless Felix
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