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Educating My Step Daughter With A Strap-On
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Lesson 2. Penelope, my step Daughter is getting a special education. I called her into the stable to show her the fine art of fucking a girl, with a strap-on. She sucks it down her throat easily. She says that she has not sucked a cock before. They way she took to it I think its a fair bet that the dirty little tart is lying. When I made sure that her pussy was wet enough I slowly eased it in to her. Now my strap-ons have a fair reputation for their size. She took the fucker easily and rammed herself up and down on it. I finally made her come at the same time as I did. You can see the moment that I orgasm. My head goes back and my mouth is wide open just wishing there was a cock down my throat. My knickers were soaked by the time I had finished fucking her. She asked me to teach her to be a tart like me. I think she has the ability to do it...
Rated: 4.56
Name: Educating My Step Daughter With A Strap-On
Content: 11 min. 41 sec.
Tags: Domination, Equestrian, FemDom, Lesbian, Stables, Stepdaughter, Strapon, Videos
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