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Easy Access Jodhpurs Facial
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Lord B had gone golfing with his geriatric friends. I was feeling decidedly friskey and needed cock. I chose to wear my very easy access white jodhpurs. They are great for riding, shopping and give very easy access for fingers, tongues, dildo and cock. Anyway, back to the video! I had asked Tony to make sure my swing was clean as I was eager to have some fun with it and my magic wand, before going out cock hunting. I sat in the swing and immediately got coated in black polish from the straps. Poor Tony did not have an excuse, but he did have a hard-on. You know that I do not like to let an opportunity pass, so I grabbed his cock and got it in my mouth. I love doing blowjobs as you may notice. I made myself come on the magic wand as he squirted a hot load of come on my face and in my mouth. When Lord B got home I still had come on my face and made him wank his little cock, as I told him all about my day. Let me know if you like this kind of behaviour and I will be even more naughty! Miss Hybrid
Rated: 5.00
Name: Easy Access Jodhpurs Facial
Content: 10 min. 29 sec.
Tags: Boots, Domination, Dungeon, Facial, Handjob, Jodhpurs, Videos
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