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Driver gets a foot wank
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I was bored at the Manor, with Lord B away playing golf, probably getting the valet to hold his sweaty balls, again. The hot weather was making me feel horny. I had wandered the Estate looking for some of my perverted staff but could not find any. They were probably all shagging each others brains out in the stables, nothing new there! However, I am eager to get some action. So, not to be perturbed, I wandered outside into the garden and oh fuck, what a pleasant sight lay before me. The dirty driver, sprawled out with a huge bulge in his pants. Lying there relaxed and just waiting to be my plaything. This was too good an opportunity to miss. Lord B’s, shrivelled little maggot just does not compare. Its much more fun seeing a monster cock grow, double in size and pumping cum out. The fun of the game is to work him up until he has to explode! The dirty driver just loves his perks of the job and always get regular, kinky bonuses. I personally ensure he is not disappointed. After all, the Lady of the Manor is required to run the estate in Lord B’s absence. I teased his cock with my spiked heels by pressing his cock and balls just hard enough to make him squirm. It amused me as his tight buttocks clenched and he lifted his hips. Slipping off my shoes, I caressed his monster with my pantyhosed feet. This made his erection even harder. I slipped my knickers off and straddled the chair to give him a better view of my pussy. My legs were stretched wide apart but he could not quite reach. As I peed through my pantyhose, much to his surprise, still with my feet on his balls he exploded and unloaded his hot spunk all over my feet.
Rated: 4.67
Name: Driver gets a foot wank
Content: 7 min. 49 sec.
Tags: B, Domination, FemDom, Footwank, Outdoor, Pantyhose, Piss, Videos, Watersports
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