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Cum Leaking Pussy
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I went down to the fabrication works today, at tea break, to see how the new lights I had designed were coming on. I wore heels, stockings, leather skirt, butt plug and thin blouse. The men were very keen to show the quality of the work ,which evidently was much easier to view if it was on the floor and I had to bend. I played along hitching my skirt up a little, I bent down, straight kneed, parting my legs a fraction. I knew that the shirt would not only be showing my stocking tops but from a low viewpoint, my now very wet lips and my butt plug. As expected I felt a very slight touch on my bare arse cheek, to test the water. I pretended to ignore it. The touch was repeated but this time it was closer to the crack of my arse. I continued to be impressed with the quality of the welding. The third time the touch came it was lower and almost on my outer lips. I spread my legs a little. The fingers shot to my pussy lips and started stroking my very swollen, wet pussy. I felt something hot and hard slide under my pussy and gently push back and fore. I knew it was seconds before my aching pussy was going to get filled. The cock pulled back again but this time a little further. I felt it slide past my hard swollen clit and open up my lips. It did not push, just held position. I waited, but nothing. I was becoming more desperate. Ever so slowly I eased back and I felt the pressure of the head against my hole. I pushed harder and all it did was keep stretching me. It hardly went in at all. I knew his cock head must be enormous as normally they go in easily. One of the men in-front of me put his hands to my shoulders and gently pushed. The man behind pulled my arms up and pulled on my wrist. Slowly his monster head worked its way in. The the queue of waiting cocks growing. This must be what they meant by "putting me to the front of the queue" These close up, explicit photographs show the state I was in when I returned home, having drained all the men. Video is in the members area.
Rated: 4.48
Name: Cum Leaking Pussy
Content: 144 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Butt Plug, Chaining, Leather, Photos, Stockings
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