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Chaining Instruction
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How to enhance a boring shopping expeditions. I do love to pass on the knowledge I have acquired from years of kink. Here I give a detailed lesson on how to enjoy the experience of "chaining" I often wear a length of chain. I leave one or two link exposed so that when I walk, I feel the exposed link gently swaying against my most sensitive parts. If you are feeling brave you go knickerless and ensure that you skirt just covers the last link. Bending down at opportune moments can provoke a great reaction. I have had one or two close calls though. If one two many links slip out, the unsupported weight of the chain can be sufficient to start a "chain reaction" and the whole lot starts to slowly escape. Gripping it in this situation does wonders for the pussy muscles. Trying to grip the chain only makes me wetter and you can guess how hard an increasingly heavier and wetter chain can be to grip. Once I had about 8 links hanging out by the time I got back to the car. It was clearly visible slapping against my legs as I hurried. Juice was running down it and coating my thighs. Two workmen who were digging a hole near where I had parked saw the view from below. Their jaws dropped open as I walked past, chain slapping against my coated thighs. I jumped into the car and wanked myself as I pulled out the remaining chain. I came almost immediately. Chaining can also be used while you are being fucked. In that case smaller lengths should be used enough to fill up any spare capacity! There is another chaining video within my site where I insert a much longer chain. I hope you like this video as much as I did making it xxxx..
Rated: 5.00
Name: Chaining Instruction
Content: 6 min. 11 sec.
Tags: B, Nylons, Outdoor, Videos
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