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Chablied playing with anal beads
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Sat in my Grand Hall, I am wearing my beautiful fully fashioned stockings and obviously due to current shortage, no knickers. I look up and see a missing pair, dangling from the stags antlers. I think back to the party and wonder how they got there. I have one of my favourite Chablis to drink. One of my anal toys provides a perfect improvised stopper, it makes a good airtight seal. There have been a few airtight seals lately. I remove the toy from the bottle and after having licked the toy I slowly insert it in my arse. I manage it all, easily. Sticking two fingers in my now, very wet pussy makes me come really hard in seconds. I pull the full length of the toy out of my arse and suck it before putting it back as a stopper. Just be careful to only drink Chablis that you witness being opened! I do hope you like the video xxx
Rated: 4.91
Name: Chablied playing with anal beads
Content: 9 min. 47 sec.
Tags: Anal, Nylons, Stockings, Toys, Videos
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