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Bitchy Mistress Outdoor Shower
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I hope you love this video! Part of the benefits of living in a PRIVATE English Manor, is that a SPOILT bitch like myself, can do as I want, away from prying eyes. I can STRUT around in stockings and BOOTS, without being worried about paparazzi or others in the bushes. Well if a country Lady wishes to have a pee in her own courtyard, whilst swishing a crop, who would stand in her way? Do not get too close though, unless you don't mind being hit by a hot shower. Or maybe you could get a little CLOSER and take the full jet, all over your cock. I could destroy viagra sales overnight. if only I could squat over every man who was struggling to get a hard on. I would gently rub my lips over his limp cock and then slowly release a hot flow over his cock. It would start to harden in seconds. As it grew, I would manoeuvre it in, hands free, letting it thicken and lengthen growing INSIDE of me, while I continued to warm it with my hot shower. You see, I told you the viagra could go in the bin. NOW it's your turn, come and have some fun with me, YOU deserve it. Can you see now why I get nothing done? !!! Kisses, Miss Hybrid, Slut Of THe Manor.
Rated: 4.98
Name: Bitchy Mistress Outdoor Shower
Content: 14 min. 35 sec.
Tags: Boots, Crop, Domination, Leather, Outdoor, Pantyhose, Videos, Voyeur, Watersports
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