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Bed Cuff Double Ender Magic Wand Wank
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The twisted, perverse, Lord of the Manor, is up to his old tricks again, wanting his own live sex show. This one he can secretly view and wank over, to his hearts content. Miss Hybrid awakes, with all limbs cuffed and chained in iron. Her pantyhose crotch is ripped open and a huge double-ended dildo stuck up her gaping arse. Her pussy has had his load shot over it, although she was not aware. A magic wand lies by her side. The thought of having been devilishly taken proves all too erotic. Soon she is stuffing both ends of the dildo up her holes and vibrating her clit to a powerful orgasm...
Rated: 4.33
Name: Bed Cuff Double Ender Magic Wand Wank
Content: 46 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Archive Grown, Dildo, Masturbation, Nylons, Photos
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