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Arrival Day, Delivered By The Driver
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The sun scorched through the glass onto the hessian as it rubbed across her delicate skin, sweat began to pool between her sticky thighs. The shadows cast by the oak lined driveway offered only brief relief from the irritation. Hot and frightened, a long way from home Miss Hybrid began to curse her late father. As the car wheels sped, crunching down the long graveled driveway, the large iron gates creaked closed behind her. Miss Hybrid, with a sack over her head, stowed in the boot like a piece of meat, was about to find out her life was going to change forever. Lost in a gambling debt by her disgraced daddy, she was now the new property of the Lord of the Manor, a strange and sinister character. The Manor House, a gothic mansion with a long standing legacy of ruin was set in the heart of acres of woodland, invisible to passerbys and completely isolated from civilisation. According to local folklore girls entered but never left, if you listened carefully, their screams could be heard carried by the wind. The howls were akin to those arisen from madness. Dragged from the boot of the car with her wrists shackled to her ankles and dumped on a hay bale in the disused stables, Miss Hybrid was broken in roughly by the driver. He was eager to teach the naughty, haughty whore a lesson but she took the upper hand and told him to ram his huge cock down her throat to pleasure himself. Left used and abused with her dress ripped, stockings laddered and make-up smeared over her sweaty face, Miss Hybrid lay in the straw wondering if anyone would come for her. Inside the mansion the Lord of the Manor poured himself a stiff drink, watching his new acquisition squirm around in the hay. Proud of the fight she had in her, not fazed by the drivers rough handling. He could collect her now, but chose to watch her awhile longer. The sight of her lying tattered and dehumanised began to arouse him and he zoomed in the secret camera mounted on the stable wall, to get a better look at her glistening pussy. It was then he decided that he would indeed have fun with her. The others had been broken at this point but she was somehow different. He did not want her for breeding stock but rather kept as a gentlemens relish. She would take some handling, he wondered how far he could push her. Later that evening she heard footsteps on the cobbled courtyard, they were getting closer....
Rated: 4.29
Name: Arrival Day, Delivered By The Driver
Content: 98 Images (1600 px long side)
Tags: Blowjob, Photos, Restrained, The Driver
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