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Porn With Miss Hybrid (23 min. 25 sec. )
Rated: 4.98

Come and join me in my bed, one is fun but two of us would be even better. Maybe you can help me reach a mind blowing orgasm. There is porn on my widescreen TV and I am in the mood to slowly masturbate and pleasure myself. Maybe I can rub my stockinged feet on your stiff cock and help you shoot your hot cum all over me. I hope you will enjoy this longer, Ultra HD video.
Talking Dirty In Thigh Boots ( )
Rated: 4.98

Come and listen to me describe my recent visit to Scotland. I get wet through as I tell you about my antics.
Easy Access Sybian Ride (12 min. 18 sec. )
Rated: 4.99

And now for the video! I was in my mezzanine area, which looks down on the master bedroom. It is a great view and love to watch from there. I was setting up the camera, ready to capture guest antics, at the first of my Christmas parties. I then came down the spiral staircase to set up the Sybian. I was wearing my easy access pantyhose, as is usual at this time of year. To make sure the Sybian was working correctly, I took it for a much needed ride. Don't forget to comment
Erotica Makes Me Wet (9 min. 55 sec. )
Rated: 4.99

I love to read and write erotica and I have a huge collection in my balcony library. It is safely locked away from prying eyes. Here I immerse myself into a land of fantasy, where you would not tread in real life, or maybe...If you have any fantasies you would like to share with me, I would be very pleased to receive them, for my own personal use. Miss Hybrid
Nipple Rings And Leather (12 min. 37 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

I have been getting my wood pile ready for the winter. As you can see there is quite a lot of wood there, just as I like it. Building the pile has required a number of workmen. I have done my best to keep them well motivated and paying full attention. My Nipple rings have been of particular interest
Getting Hot (13 min. 42 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

Here is the video of me entertaining myself whilst reading erotica. I spend hours up there, thumbing through chapters of fantasy, letting my mind run wild. Then I go onto the internet and make a post on the dogging forum, telling them what time I will be there. I jump into the 4 x 4 and drive the short distance to my dogging area. Out of the car, bend over in the rear load area and then wait for some cock.
Nylon Cock Wank (12 min. 57 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

In the super horny video you will see me take good care of Tony's hard cock. I wear fully fashioned, vintage nylons and sheer panties. I had been thinking about this video for days and was so horny and wet by the time I was ready to film. I show Tony my soaking panties and pull them to the side so he can see my wet pussy. His cock is rock hard and he is desperate to get it into me. I let him fuck me with a toy while I wank and suck his nylon clad throbbing hardon. My nipples are rock hard as I rub my clit while he fucks me with the dildo. I wank him He is desperate to come but I make him wait until I am ready. I make myself come with a huge orgasm as he is thrusting up and down begging me to let him come.
Holly Kiss Latex Mistress (13 min. 40 sec. )
Rated: 4.98

It was the day of the party and I had to make sure that Holly was suitably stretched, ready for full use that evening. Holly looked stunning in her black latex lingerie. I wore my sheer white blouse and see through panties with leather ballet thigh boots with spiked heels. Together we would have the men flocking around us eager to serve. Holly was stretched, inspected and put away in my metal barred cage, for safe keeping, until the evening.
Miss Hybrid
Gabriella's First Girl Girl (19 min. 17 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

This is a re-edit of the original film to add the trailer Forget about all the movie hype of Fifty Shades Of Grey, come and have a look at a film, with no acting. The video shows the real life, first time, girl girl experience, for my friend Gabriella. Wait until you see the lip biting, body shaking, hand clenching and gasps, as I slowly bring her closer and closer to orgasm. Please leave me a comment if you like what I like! Miss Hybrid Ps, If you are not a member, there is a a full HD, almost 5 minute trailer in the trial area, if you would like a taster of the quality of my videos and friends!
Masturbation Clinic (23 min. 42 sec. )
Rated: 4.84

This video features Nurse Hybrid in a vintage uniform, about to commence her excessive masturbation clinic. Dressed in white double layers, comprising of fishnet pantyhose and lace topped stockings, she recommends flesh-light therapy. Her attendee has bashed off so frequently, he no longer can feel anything. If you have a similar problem and are you are lucky enough to find her, maybe Nurse Hybrid can help? Spaces are filling up quickly, so contact the H-team.
A Leather Booted Tour Of The Grounds, Part 2 (1 min. 34 sec. )
Rated: 4.91

This video is a rare glimpse inside my world as I show you around the grounds of my home detailing my Country pursuits, it is candid footage of 'out and about with Mistress Hybrid'. It is an intimate video diary where I share my thoughts, plans and dirty little secrets with you. I show you all my secret outdoor locations to which I lure unsuspecting, over eager men (and film their lilly white arses in action).
I thought this video was fun, as we have already spent a lot of time together, in my bedroom, spa, sauna, stables, dungeon and numerous hotel rooms, with me in very compromising positions and things stuck in all my delicate places! This is a chance for you to get know me a little better, outside of the bedroom. Obviously, I can't ride a horse with these boots on but I love to dress like this to meet guests and interview would be slaves. Hell, I even wore this outfit in Miami, when I collected my awards in the Miss Freeones competition (which gets going again in September). If I ever visited Miami again, I'd lose the jodhpurs and keep the thigh boots and riding jacket on. It was rather hot.
The heels are great for digging into uninvited hardons, while fitting the leather and steel cock rings on to maintain chastity.
Miss Hybrid
Leather Booted Mistress (17 min. 55 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

Miss Hybrid lets you get up very close and personal, while she entertains herself with the ribbed riding crop.
Cum On Leather Skirt Boots And Gloves (11 min. 20 sec. )
Rated: 4.96

I left him alone for a few minutes, to check out my new cinema sized videos. I did not expect him to be tossing himself off, when I returned. He was a gibbering wreck, fixated by me dressed from head to toe in leather, I could see no work would be done until we had to sorted out a trouser tenting issue. Rubbing his cock on the leather was more than he could stand and he spunked all over my leather skirt. Now he has relieved some building pressure in his pants, I may get some work out of him. The things I have to do to maintain staff discipline! Miss Hybrid
Bitchy Boss Staff Discipline (16 min. 32 sec. )
Rated: 4.80

I used to employ a lot of men, would YOU have liked to have been one of them and had ME for a boss? I am VERY DEMANDING when it comes to discipline at work. I am WICKEDLY STRICT and reward bad behaviour, with a firm hand.
It is that time again, so come into my office for your yearly assessment. You wonder, am I wearing stockings, is my pussy wet, am I wearing panties? Do you think you will get lucky? Do you think I will give you a rise? COME in and find out
Miss Hybrid
I am a spoilt, English, Public School educated, Lady.I am also a dirty, kinky, slut who enjoys behaving badly. I never let an opportunity pass me by. My life is devoted to cock and kink. I love dressing to tease. I wear Nylons, Heels, Boots, Leather, Latex and Equestrienne Jodhpurs. I enjoy all country pursuits, as they provide a great source of new play things!

My Husband, Lord B, is getting very old and frail and unable to perform. My slutty behavior excites him though. He enjoys hearing the vivid details of my daily exploits. His favorite scenario is when I target his most trusted friends. He loves to watch me go from a peck on the cheek to deep throating them. Once I tell them that he is out, I can usually do it in minutes. Later he "arrives home" and watches as they flirt with me, all the time knowing that they have just spunked on or up me. I make full use of all the staff of the house, and anyone else I fancy.

Come inside to watch all the intimate sexual encounters I enjoy. I love having variety in my sex life and enjoy a fetishistic pursuit of pleasure. Step inside MY world, now! My PA, Felix The Worm is a real pervert, spying on me with secret, hidden cameras and takes candid pictures of me to enhance his sexual gratification. With this collection of covertly taken imagery he has created a new website to showcase his seedy handiwork. The footage highlights some of my more personal moments of sexual depravity in my English Mansion.
I had a great day yesterday. Mistress was so distracted having photos taken that I managed to get lots of fantastic shots of her. She was taking some very hardcore shots of a huge stick on cock up her arse. Come and visit me at, Felix

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Lucianxxxx says:
Score: 96/100 - Date: 9/29/2013
Having stumbled my way for many years through the land of mainstream porn sites some good, some bad, butt mostly all containing very similar content with only minor interaction if any at all, i have been blown away by the enjoyment i receive being now a very privileged member of Miss Hybrid's site. Some may find it is not for them butt if like me you get off on a classy lady with a body for sin and pleasure doing whatever she pleases and knowing that she is damn good at it then you will blow load after load viewing her video and photo set updates. Recent additions to the site allow much more interaction with the Lady of the Manor which for me have made an already enjoyable experience much much better. I opted for the 180day membership and will continue to renew time after time until i go blind! There are way too many things for me to rave about just one but if pushed hard, i wood have to say it is the personal interaction that My Lady gives that keep me hungry and cumming back for more. On the downside, well personally i cant complain about anything, though i am sure some will, butt as in keeping up with her personal interaction her forum offers members the ability for them to make suggestions/comments that are taken onboard if it all goes to make membership more rewarding/enjoyable. So in my summing up i have only praise and my humble cumments to give this site, and as it is Miss Hybrids lifestyle then i am sure it will outlive many of the more mainstream, here today gone tomorrow, pornstar sites. Love this site!
CaptKxxxx says:
Having just joined the site I can honestly say I don't think I will ever leave! Miss Hybrid is a kinksterst dream come true, sexy, stylish, horny and imaginative! I love this site!!
Pasty Kxxxx says:
Having just renewed my membership I would like to say thank you Miss Hybrid for running such a great site, i've only ever joined yours and one other, and will definitely be staying with you. High quality pics and videos and now live web cam to go with the chat feature. A brilliant site and i highly recommend it, anyone thinking of joining, just do it, love this site, love Miss Hybrid.
cumonyxxxx says:
I am a quite new member to the site, though I discovered Miss Hybrid over a year ago. It is without doubt the most original, kinky and as has already been said innovative site I have ever subscribed too.
lady minsxxxx says:
As the only lady member of this site, I must say I find Miss H an inspiration! Yes, she turns me on, yes, I find her sexy and yes, I love watching the films, live cam shows and looking at the pics and diaries. As a fellow kink-a-holic I find the site both welcoming and exciting. Long may she continue! And, if you are wondering, I am straight(ish)!
Mistexxxx says:
I have been a member of this site for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better and better. Each new set is innovative, broaching new ideas and new ways of tittilating her members. From leather and latex fetish wear to lipstick and lace lingerie, the lady pleases every time. Felix (her PA) gives us extra hidden, behind the scenes and candid camera views as well as stories of his exploits.
hajxxxx says:
I kind of stumbled across Miss H a few months ago when I came across some of her free stuff. The selection of teaser pics were enough to entice me to join and I must say that I have not been disappointed 'not one little bit! Miss H offers a wide variety of content ' videos, pictures, personnel diaries, live chats and a very welcoming and fully interactive forum with regular, daily input from the delightful Miss H herself. The pictures are fully downloadable in ZIP files. The content is from the very top drawer (amongst her special crotchless panties), ranging from wonderful blow jobs, fantastic self pleasure (particularly with her sybian), some fetish themes' all of them showcasing the beautiful, sensual and erotic talents of Miss H. Any new members will be warmly welcomed by the Mistress herself (though not in person unfortunately!). Come in and join the fun.

Well, I´m online since more but 20 years, I know a lot of decent + very professional-made sites. All of them are good, very good. Her´s is the BEST !

Hi, ich bin seit über 20 Jahren online, kenne etliche gute und
professionell gemachte Seiten, diese hier ist die BESTE. Warum ? Einfach
zu erklären :
Die *Aufmachung* : Es macht schon alleine Laune, die liebevoll
gestaltete Start-page zu öffnen.
Der Inhalt : Ausschliesslich HOCHKLASSIGE PICS + Video´s , davon
reichlich und kontinuierlich wachsend.
Das dazugehörige Forum : Bestens lesbar, quasi selbst erklärend, eine
Wohltat fürs Auge in Farbe und Zusammenstellung. Und keinerlei
Problem,über das Forum mit Miss H in Kontakt zu treten.
Miss H selbst : Eine Schönheit mit eigener Klasse, sie hat nicht
umsonst den Titel* Eurobabe 2011 * bei Freeones gewonnen. ( Europa´s
grösste Erotik-Seite ) .

Als kleines *Üpdate* sollte ich vielleicht hinzu-fügen : 2012 war sie wieder erfolgreich und hat den Euro-babe-Titel verteidigt und beim gleichen Contest auch noch *best OCSM* , ( bestes, offiziell gechecktes Star - member * ) gewonnen. Will heissen : Sie ist inzwischen EURO-Babe 2011, 2012 und best OCSM 2012. Eine charmante Wiederholungs-täterin.

Damxxxx says:
This is great site for people with or without fetishes. Believe me, it won't take long before you realise your fetishes. Miss Hybrid simply mesmerises you. A site with something for everyone. It won't be long before you are hooked!!! Love the level of interaction from Miss H on her forum and in the live chats. The site looks incredibly professional. A truly wonderful website. xxx
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