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Welcome To My New Nude Letter

I hope you like the new layout. I have been very busy with lots of invitations to parties, in the run-up to Xmas. Here is the outfit I went out in last week. I wore these beautiful opera stockings held in place by a classic 6 strap suspender belt. Anyway, moving on You may have realised that I am not the greatest lover of panties. They can really get in the way sometimes. Panties can get snagged with your boots or shoes and cause all sort of unnecessary delay. These split ones provide the perfect solution. A little warmth to prevent chapped lips in the winter but yet easy access at the drop of a zip. Perfect for parties, restaurants, bars and lifts. See more

Getting A Little Tied Up

I was feeling very horny and had just come in from my stables. I remembered back to some dirty goings on in the stables. I had returned from a long hard ride. As I swung my leg over the saddle to dismount, the two stable hands saw the damp patch that had soaked through my jodhpurs. They were making all sorts of crude comments about me coming as I rode and rubbing myself off on the saddle. I could see the shape of their cocks down their trouser legs. I told them they were correct and that I had come time and time again. Their cocks thickened as I spoke. I suggested that maybe they should spank me for coming in my jodhpurs. Maybe they should tie me up and then they could do what they wanted. They certainly did! Anyway in my bedroom I got Felix to tie me up, so I could relive the events of years ago. You will see the state of my jodhpurs! I had a ball as you can probably tell. See more

Dogging, A Great British Pastime

What I love about the wonderful British pursuit of dogging, is the element of surprise, never knowing who you're going to eat or meet. There is something deliciously addictive and devilishly exciting about the feeling of a new, strange pair of hands roughly pulling ones leather panties down. I love being bent over and fucked from behind I don't mind if its over the boot of my 4x4 or up against a tree. I am a big fan of all outdoor, country pursuits but my favourite by far has to be, cock hunting in my woods. Anyway, earlier this week I felt the urge to go dogging and have the arse shagged off of me. I wore leather boots and leather gloves and stockings for that added effect! I struck lucky and got impaled by a thickly set gamekeeper. I think he prefers the non-feathered variety of birds. I had a lovely day and got some great photos and some close up video of my arse being fucked and filled with cum. See more