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Bare Legs Heels (116 Images)
Rated: 4.42

Sometimes it feels good to walk around with bare legs.Don't get me wrong, I love stockings and pantyhose but a changes is always good. Come and see me ride my stick on cock. I get a great view in the mirror of the big cock sliding in and so do you.
Leather Boots Riding Mistress (108 Images)
Rated: 4.62

Mistress Hybrid, testing out her new GoPro Hero. Miss Hybrid purchased the GoPro Hero to record all the near misses and hits whilst she road cycling. The new camera was soon recognised by mistress as a great play thing for wet conditions. She has used the camera many times, not yet once on a cycle ride though! There are many splashing times to come. Here she is, wearing jodhpurs, pony tail butt plug and leather riding boots, demonstrating her squirting ability. The video will be live soon.
Regards, Felix TW
Kinky Mistress (121 Images)
Rated: 4.67

Kinky Mistress Hybrid loves to play with herself. Come in to have a look and enjoy the anal delights of a powerful Mistress, Miss Hybrid.
Miss Hybrid Coming For You (243 Images)
Rated: 4.78

As a special treat, I let Felix, my personal assistant, take some photographs with a proper camera. I told him to keep out of my way and try and take some interesting photographs, with the long lens. He took these photographs while I was being filmed. His looked very uncomfortable, his poor trousers were in a shockingly tight state. I was feeling VERY HORNY , playing up terribly. I couldn't wait to shove things in my desperate holes!
Watch as I ram a vibrator in my arse and then make myself orgasm with the big glass dildo. You can see from the tide mark, how excited I was! I hope the stills will have you standing to attention, ready for the film!
Miss Hybrid, coming for YOU
Bitchy Leather Clad Mistress (173 Images)
Rated: 4.63

Part of the benefits of living in a PRIVATE English Manor, is that a SPOILT bitch like myself, can do as I want, away from prying eyes. I can STRUT around in stockings and BOOTS, without being worried about paparazzi or others in the bushes. Well if a country Lady wishes to have a pee in her own courtyard, whilst swishing a crop, who would stand in her way?
Do not get too close though, unless you don't mind being hit by a hot shower.
Shower Squirting (137 Images)
Rated: 4.75

I had a member and budding photographer make contact, desperate to photograph me, under my instruction of course. He had been pestering me for ages to no avail. As a desperate last attempt, he sent me a photo of his throbbing cock, I gave in and sent the invite.
I wore vintage nylons and slowly stripped for the poor man. He was getting more uncomfortable by the second. My already moist pussy was getting wetter by the second.
Come and see the state I was in by the end of the photographs.
Dildo In The Mirror (324 Images)
Rated: 4.43

Felix, my Personal Assistant, was hanging around peeping through the door, trying to get a quick glimpse and a few crafty photographs. I spotted him and drilled my stiletto heel into his SWOLLEN balls, before I continued with the photographs. Disciplining men always gets me feeling VERY horny and rather moist and today was no exception. I stuck a large suction cock onto my mirror, then watched the reflection of it stretching my WET, tight pussy, as it slid in. It was like fucking my twin sister allover again. I can't wait for your comments.
Miss Hybrid
Email From Careless Felix (328 Images)
Rated: 4.54

I was working in my office yesterday and noticed that felix had not logged off from his emails. Obviously I would not usually snoop about and read private correspondence but I felt an irresistible need to take a quick glance. I immediately noticed the title of the email, namely "Felix In Charge". I couldn't help myself from copying to my iPad for further reading.
I knew it would be a spicy read, so I prepared to enjoy myself. I found my favourite piece of chain. It is the longest length I can manage. For the technical among you, I will provide the specification. It has 25 links of 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch, 316 Stainless Steel , giving an overall length of approximately 2 feet and a weight of 1lb. I lay on my back, pulled my legs back over my head and dangled the first link above my open hole. It slid in, link by link, until all 25 links were inside of me and I was full. I laid back and started to read the email…. Please look at the photos and the coming 25 minute video, to see what happened next!
Bitchy Boss Needs New Member Of Staff (177 Images)
Rated: 4.30

I am looking for a new member of staff, but would you like a boss like me?
I am VERY STRICT and practice discipline at work, with a firm hand. I expect you on hand and at my beck and call, 24 hours a day. There are some perks to the job though. If I need cock, I may use you as a phallic object and allow you to make me come. I am VERY demanding and require enthusiastic service from you. If you are not up to fucking with vigour, on demand, do not apply.
Miss Hybrid
Corset Pee (348 Images)
Rated: 4.64

I know some of my members will enjoy my rather naughty antics. I won't spoilt the surprise.


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