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Welcome to MY kinky website. Please spare a few moments to watch the introductory video, before entering the site. The video is also downloadable, if you would like to see it in maximum quality. It is for Adults only. If you are underage or not wanting to view material of an erotic nature, please do not watch or enter.
Miss Hybrid (Lady Of The Manor)
Music by courtesy of DJ Xxxavier
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You see, it all started when I was set for finishing school in Switzerland but then Daddy lost again, in a game of Poker...
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Outdoor Stockings Squirt (166 Images)
Rated: 5.00

I love to walk along the nudist sands dressed like this and then slowly peel my layers off. It causes far more of a stir than if one just gets her kit off! Anyway, on route to the dunes, I was a little overdressed and getting very hot in the car. I had to get out and cool off. Everything became a little moist! There is nothing like a spot of public disrobing to get things going. It is even better when you capture it, real time, to share later! Have you spotted the damp area on the back of my sarong? I wonder how that happened?
Sybian Latex (9 min. 48 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

Dressed in my Latex Catsuit I see how long I can manage before the sybian has me grinding onto it. Come and listen to the sound of tight Latex creaking under the strain. Leave me some comments to rub myself over.
Miss Hybrid Review Largest Image Size Ever (168 Images)
Rated: 4.89

It is time for your assessment, I do hope you have reached the required standard. If not, it may not be too late to pull a Rabbit out of the hat. I have increased the images from 1600px to 2600px. That is over 2.5 times bigger. I hope you like my large ones, they look absolutely huge! Guests, click below to see a full sized sample and save to your HDD. Then view in full size!
Miss Hybrid, Hotel Kitty (134 Images)
Rated: 4.92

These photographs were taken on my recent Euro trip, with Lord B and Felix. Once settled in the Chateaux, I had a few beers followed by a few glasses of Chablis with LB and his old cronies. The cronies are rather long in the tooth but sadly, not in the trouser department. Anyway, after putting Lord B to bed, I decided to put on an impromptu show for the assembled old cronies. I showed them my idea of modern Chateaux amenities, in the event that I ever opened a Hybrid Hospitality chain. Zero stars for pool and gym, five stars for whips, chains and plugs.
This is my kind of executive extra, offered as an upgrade. Forget the upgrade which gets you a fake leather writing desk and a pre worn bathrobe. My suites would have a kitty in the cupboard, just for your enjoyment. All will be revealed in my coming video.
Leather Cape Riding Mistress (133 Images)
Rated: 4.78

Let me give you a very personal, close up view of what a riding mistress does in her stables. Don't get too close to the screen, as I will almost poke your eye with my rock hard, bullet nipples. I make myself come with leather gloved fingers and my magic wand, before I squirt all over you.

Felix Miss Hybrid Stickon Cock
105 Images

Jodhpur Pee
5 min. 22 sec.

Easy Rider Jodhpurs. Easy Access And Gloved Squirt
6 min. 15 sec.

Chaining Instruction
6 min. 11 sec.

Talking your cock to a huge erection which explodes
7 min. 23 sec.

Back To School For A Handjob Lesson
254 Images

Room Service A Threesome with the Maid
21 min. 57 sec.

Leggy maid gets stuck in
150 Images

A long Ride
16 min. 43 sec.

Maid Lucy Stick On
110 Images

How much was that ball cock?
19 Images

Dungeon Leather
105 Images

Tony Erotica
130 Images

Dogging Spy
11 Images

Latex Stairs
114 Images

Leopard Boots
174 Images

A quick smoke before a hard ride
55 Images

Ball Draining HandJob
104 Images

Black Duck Doubly Loaded
73 Images

Paige Hybrid Crop
13 min. 18 sec.

Corset Pee
17 min. 46 sec.

Gloved vibrations
126 Images

Pantyhose Foot Fun Handyman Huge Cock Cum
13 min. 57 sec.

Maid Michelle Creampie By The Driver
17 min. 27 sec.

Creamy Outdoor Wank Video
10 min. 54 sec.

Arched Feet Pantyhose Tease
104 Images

Sybian Sensory
53 Images

Beekeeper Surprise Fuck
29 min. 6 sec.

Vintage Code Cracker
16 min. 23 sec.

Guaranteed Fuck
74 Images

Fireside toy fun in a crotchless fishnet bodystocking.
18 min. 50 sec.

Gym Sybian Tart 2
11 min. 57 sec.

Strong Santa had two sacks full of surprises for me
18 min. 2 sec.

Hard Workout In The Gym
211 Images

Perfect For Accidental Stocking Flashing, Hybrid Style
165 Images

Testing Out My Tailhook
23 min. 29 sec.

Beach Wicked Weasel
161 Images

See Why I Got An A Star At Finishing School
11 min. 58 sec.

Stable Hand Gets Used
18 min. 20 sec.

Making a Fresh Tart!
148 Images

Snow Shooting
126 Images

Tanya gets fucked in the stable
20 min. 15 sec.

CFNM handjob, teased with fleshlight pussy and squirting
156 Images

I fingered my arse while I teased his poor cock
11 min. 51 sec.

Miss Hybrid In Jodhpurs, Looking For A Slave
143 Images

Bullet Bra Stockings 2
46 Images

Office Smoke
9 min. 4 sec.

Back To School For A Handjob Lesson
14 min. 42 sec.

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19 April 2014:
love to walk along the nudist sands dressed like this and then slowly peel my layers off. It causes far more of a stir than if one just gets her kit off! Anyway, on route to the dunes, I was a little overdressed and getting very hot in the car. I had to get out and cool off. Click here to see the update. There is nothing like a spot of public disrobing to get things going.
15 April 2014:
Dressed in skintight latex, i give myself a workout on the Sybian. Click here to watch. Listen to the Latex creak under the strain of my pussy grinding
Miss Hybrid
I am looking forward to your comments, so don't let me down!
13 April 2014:
My hotel kitty video is live! Click here to watch. I am going to be adding a few beach pics to the members pics section today and hopefully some beach video in the members blog.
Miss Hybrid
I hope you enjoy sharing some private moments with me.
12 April 2014:
I have just added a little GoPro video of my hotel kitty video, coming tomorrow. Click here to see I am struggling a little with my internet connection but I think I will have the main video live either overnight or in the morning.
Miss Hybrid
I have so many things coming for you!
public school
I am a spoilt, English, Public School educated, Lady. I am also a dirty, kinky, slut who enjoys behaving badly. I never let an opportunity pass me by. My life is devoted to cock and kink. I love dressing to tease. I wear Nylons, Heels, Boots, Leather, Latex and Equestrienne Jodhpurs. I enjoy all country pursuits, as they provide a great source of new playthings.

My Husband, Lord B, is getting very old and frail and unable to perform. My slutty behavior excites him though. He enjoys hearing the vivid details of my daily exploits. His favorite scenario is when I target his most trusted friends. He loves to watch me go from a peck on the cheek to deep throating them. Once I tell them that he is out, I can usually do it in minutes. Later he "arrives home" and watches as they flirt with me, all the time knowing that they have just spunked on or up me. I make full use of all the staff of the house, and anyone else I fancy.

Come inside to watch all the intimate sexual encounters I enjoy. I love having variety in my sex life and enjoy a fetishistic pursuit of pleasure. Step inside MY world, now! My PA, Felix The Worm is a real pervert, spying on me with secret, hidden cameras and takes candid pictures of me to enhance his sexual gratification. With this collection of covertly taken imagery he has created a new website to showcase his seedy handiwork. The footage highlights some of my more personal moments of sexual depravity in my English Mansion.
felix the worm

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The Art Of Heraldic Knights Busy Assholes
Welcome to life at my Manor House where all the staff are perverts, that was the only qualification required for the job. Watch the kinky goings on week by week. I like exploring the intention and desires that lead to fucking. The act of fucking itself for the sake of it bores me. However, I like the thrill of being dirty and I am always ready, pantyhose ripped and knickers off or pulled aside. My expertises include blowjobs, titjobs, handjobs, footjobs and dominating men. Come in to see how a busty, spoilt, young English Lady gets her sexy thrills as I explore pleasing myself and others in the pursuit of kinky sexual gratification. Watch my most erotic and intimate encounters NOW.
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